The School Supplies You Need for Law School

I think one of the biggest questions everyone has going into law school is what school supplies do I need? You’re probably wondering if things might be different from undergrad. Obviously, everyone has different preferences, but these are the things I find essential for law school.Law School supplies.png



Duh, you need a laptop in law school. It’ll end up becoming attached to your hip, as you’ll need it for legal research and writing, and if you take notes on a computer in class. I recommend getting a small one, like an 11″ or 13″ one. I had a big 15″ Macbook in undergrad and I’m so glad I downsized. Desks in law school classrooms are tiny and then you’re sandwiched in between people with laptops and you all have the same giant constitutional law casebook. Also get a sleeve or case for your laptop to protect it. I have this one from Herschel and I love it!

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is a necessity, as you don’t want to lose the brief you’ve worked on all semester the day before it is due. And on that note, make sure you back it up regularly (do as I say, not as I do 😬)!


This can be a physical or electronic one, but you need a planner to keep track of all the readings and events at school every week. I prefer a physical planner, but I know some people just wrote down the readings in a note on their computer. Do whatever works for you!


Schools everywhere are going more and more paperless, but I like to have a folder to keep all of my syllabi and whatever other papers a professor may hand out. And then I make it a cute folder since I’ll be in the professional world soon and Lisa Frank won’t really fly there. 😂 Usually, Target and Walmart have an assortment of cute ones! I’d also add in a couple of notebooks if you want to take notes by hand.

Truffle Pouch

I got this pouch from Truffle for Christmas last year and it’s so handy. I keep a bunch of essentials in it, like gum, earbuds, hair ties, lip balm, post-it notes, and band-aids. The pouch can then simply transfer between my backpack, the tote I sometimes bring to school, and my work tote, and I know I have everything I need. Plus all those little things are kept together then and aren’t rolling around at the bottom of my bag.

Favorite Pens

Another pretty self-explanatory item, even if you take notes on your computer, you’ll want to have some pens handy to write in your planner or to-do lists. My favorite pens are the Bic Atlantis because they write smoothly and come in a lot of different colors.

Water Bottle

You want to stay hydrated during the day, especially if you have to stay at school all day for class. My favorites are my S’well and my HydroFlask.


This is probably the last thing you’ll think about going to law school, but it is definitely a necessity. You’ll most likely be on campus during lunch, especially 1L year. I like to save money by avoiding the on-campus places and eat a little healthier by bringing my lunch. I’ve had this Scout one since 1L year and it’s really convenient to bring my lunch in.

What are your favorite school supplies for law school?

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