Jammin’ on My Planner

Back to school season is here, which means its time for a new planner. I’ve had a lot of different types throughout the school years, and I’m going to show you a couple different types today! Whether physical or digital, a planner is an essential item for college and law school. I actually kept most of my planners, and it was fun to see my planner from my junior year of college and compare it to my law school ones!


As you can tell from the title of the post, I love planners! They’re one of my favorite things to buy before I head back to school. It’s fun to pick one out and get organized for the new school year (yes, I’m a bit of a nerd).


Lilly Pulitzer

I think every girl in college has had a Lilly Pulitzer planner at some point in their life. It’s easy to see why though! I love the basic layout, the colorful covers, and the elastic band to keep it all together. I had one of these for almost every year of college and then went back to a similar layout in law school as well. Plus they have different sizes to fit your needs!


Plum Paper

Truthfully, I didn’t really like my Plum Paper planner. 😬 I got the Student Planner at the time and it was just too much organization at the time. I prefer to just have blank spaces for each day to write on. I also learned I hate vertical layouts in planners! It just doesn’t work with my writing. If I went back, I would get the Horizontal Two-Sided layout. However, it was really well made and constructed and I loved my monogrammed cover! Now they also have a million layouts to choose from and a bunch of customization.


The Simplified Planner

I had some more issues with the Simplified Planner. Planning every single day just got overwhelming for me. Plus, when you have a regular class schedule, it gets tedious to always write when you have class every day. I just keep my class schedule on my Google Calendar and refer to it on my phone.


Rifle Paper Co.

I used a Rifle Paper Co. planner for my second year of law school and loved it! This has basically the same layout as a Lilly Pulitzer planner but to me, it looks a little more sophisticated. It’s also really well made and I like how there is an elastic band to keep it together.



The Day Designer

I haven’t personally used this planner, but my mom loves hers so I thought I would include it! It’s very similar to the Simplified Planner as there is a page for every day. I’ve looked at my mom’s and its very high quality and well made.



Erin Condren

This year I decided to try an Erin Condren planner and I am so excited to get it. I really like the cover I chose. Stay tuned for a review!


What is your favorite planner to use? Any cool ones that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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