My Morning Skincare Routine

In the mornings, I like my skincare routine to be quick but effective. For me, that means I need to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize, and protect with SPF. All in all, this routine takes me about twenty minutes. I like to feed my dog or pack lunch while I wait for different steps to dry. This routine also sets up the perfect stage for my makeup.morning skincare routine


This CosRx Low-pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser is my current favorite cleanser, and I’ll definitely be buying another bottle once it runs out. It foams nicely and is the perfect pH at ~5.5. It’s also a great value at ~$10. Low pH cleansers are good for oily skin that can be prone to dehydration, like mine. The pH of your skin is actually slightly acidic at around 5.5, so cleansers at around the same pH help maintain the natural acidity of your skin. I use this cleanser with this inexpensive Konjac sponge from Target for some gentle physical exfoliation. (Check out this post from Snow White and the Asian Pear for more info)


I use either of these two products this morning. The Neogen pads have a nice lemony scent and really get rid of all the dead skin on your face. They make a smooth palette of your face to get ready for makeup. I use these about twice a week. I use the Biologique Recherche on other days. This product works slowly over time and uses lactic acid to brighten your skin and help with hyperpigmentation. I use Differin at night for acne and find it works well with either of these two morning products. (Stay tuned for a longer review on Differin! It’s one of the best anti-acne products ever.)


I always use the Clinique gel in the morning. It’s my favorite daytime moisturizer, as I noted in my full review here. Sometimes I spray on a facial spritz like this Caudalie one to add more hydration to my face.


SPF is the number one anti-aging skincare product you can use! It’s so important to find an SPF product that you like and will use every day. I’m currently using this Japanese one from Biore. Unfortunately, they changed the reformulation this year and I haven’t heard great things about it. I stocked up on the old version but I just opened my old bottle. 🙁  So I’m looking at trying either this Nivea one or this Shiseido one next.

What’s your current morning skincare routine like? Let me know in the comments!

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